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A passion for photography, the ocean and sailing.

I remember spending my summers in my godfather studio and darkroom. I was not tall enough to see what he was doing , but the obscurity, red lights added mystery to the magic he was performing.

He was from the old school, using his Rolleiflex and wood chamber, retouching on the negatives, all skills now replaced by computers.

He bought my first camera, a plastic instamatic, my first reflex ( a Russian 35mm "Zenith" built like a tank). From there, I went on to Fujica ST705, Olympus OM1 and OM2, Mamiya C220 and my Canon A2E before finally moving to digital DSLR.

I learned from him, from other photographers, from magazines, in photo clubs, trying to do the most with little means. I bought an enlarger (I still remember, a monster, a Krokus, made in Poland) and started working in black and white.

Later on, I started sharing with others, teaching my passion at YMCAs and Summer camps.

I Took thousands of pictures, my cameras where always with me. When on vacation, I was the photographer of the group, sending prints afterward to my friends.

When I was in the art business, I was on the road extensively criss- crossing the West. My cameras were always with me, visiting and photographing countless National Parks and the West. To this date, that part of the country still is my favorite.

My passion for the ocean came early, drawing ocean scenes, boats. I remember being fascinated by "Captain Troy" and his schooner "Tiki" in the series "Adventures in Paradise", at 14 I learned to sail on dinghies, went on to Olympic series with the 420, 470 and some 505, taught some, coached in college

I remember dreaming to become a photographer of a boat designer... Fine my father said, go to business school first, which I did. but during the weekends, I attended photography classes at the local school of fine arts.

As the years went by, professional life, lack of time and stress took their toll and I stopped taking pictures for quite sometimes but the passion was still there, somewhere inside and like the Phoenix, eventually, like the Phoenix rising from its ashes, resurfaced allowing me to marry two of my biggest passions; photography and sailing.

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Philippe Gadeyne

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